Parks like Washington Square Park really make me wish I went to a college in NYC. It has a really nice fountain and arch, which makes it very picturesque! There is also a lot of activity that goes on in the park: there are musicians, jugglers, and sometimes people playing with bubbles.

I opted for a navy off-shoulder top with distressed jeans. This is one of my favorite tops because it’s classy and flattering. A lot of off-shoulder tops stores tend to be too cropped or
not as flattering but I’m happy to have been able to find a few that work for me!

While I was in Paris, I was planning on buying a designer handbag because it’s cheaper there as well as the tax refund that you’re able to get. I had my eye on Chloé, because I adore its chic and young style, which I felt was more age-appropriate than the other luxury designers (at least for now!). You’ve probably seen the Drew Shoulder Bag that a lot of bloggers seem to have. I went in with my heart set on getting the Faye Small Bracelet Bag because I really liked the ring loop and chain that differentiates the Faye collection.

However, I found that the bag was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, I could only really fit my phone and wallet and I felt that it wasn’t practical to get. As a student, and considering life after college, I need a bag that can at least fit my dorm keys, phone, and wallet.

Instead, I got the Mini Faye Backpack in motty grey. Because I have a petite frame, I tend to gravitate towards smaller bags. Larger bags often seem very overwhelming when I try them. The attribute that I love the most about this bag is that it can be carried two ways. You can wear it as a backpack or carry it on the shoulder because of the backpack straps and long handle. There are also zippers on the front, which when unzipped reveals contrasting lining and increases the bag capacity.

I’m very excited to carry this bag and style it in different ways!

worn as a backpack!

While I was in NYC, I met up with my friends and, as usual, ate a lot of good food. I vlogged while I was there and it turned more into a food diary than I anticipated, but I think it’s also an interesting video if you love food and love NYC! I would love to hear what places you have been to and what places you would love to check out!

Top: Korea | Jeans: AE | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Chloé