Hi guys!

I finally got the chance to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden just in time for the peak blooming season for roses! I first stopped by the Cranford Rose Garden, which has one of the largest collection of roses both old and modern. The roses are beautiful, climbing and draping over arches, creating a very instagrammable and fragrant haven.

I also stopped by the Lily Pool Terrace and Steinhardt Conservatory, which houses the C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum and three climate-themed plant pavillions: desert, tropical, and warm temperate.

The dress that I wore to the garden is from Alice & Olivia and I actually wore it to the Cornell Fashion Collective Runway show as well! The floral pattern of the dress was perfect for a day to the garden. If you live in NYC and love Alice & Olivia, they actually have two sample sales a year, where they sell merchandise from past seasons at a discounted price (it’s very worth it!). My sister actually got this dress from the sample sale.

I have exciting news! If you didn’t notice the video at the top, I have recently started a YouTube channel, which is something I have been wanting to try out for a while now. I uploaded my first video/vlog about my trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, so check it out especially if you want to see the garden up close! I would also greatly appreciate your support so please be sure to check it out, like, comment, and subscribe!

Dress: Alice & Olivia