I definitely found my S(e)oulmate in Korea. Something that is both a sight for sore eyes and satisfying… dessert! The best place to find the perfect dessert is Seoul, Korea! If you’re looking to travel, I definitely recommend Seoul, check out my post!

The cafes in Korea are so aesthetically pleasing, anywhere you go you can get a quality Instagram photo. Here are three of my favorites and ones that I found to be Instagrammable!

Remicone is a cute cafe on Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong. (Garosu-gil is known for its cafes and shopping!) The exterior is like an ice-cream laboratory on wheels! I ordered the Thunder bomb which is their signature dessert: soft serve with a cotton candy “Thundercloud”.

Check out their IG: @remicone

Line Cafe
LINE is a messaging app developed by Line Corporation which is a Japanese subsidiary of the South Korean internet search Naver Corporation. Similar to KakaoTalk (below!), LINE has its own set of characters that were originally just stickers. However, their popularity grew and there are now LINE stores that sell merchandise featuring these characters! There is even one in Times Square NYC. The LINE store in Myeong-dong has a little cafe serving cute soft serve ice cream.

soft serve in a Cony cup!

Ryan Cafe (Kakao)
KakaoTalk is the number one messaging app in South Korea. I started using it I think close to when it first came out. It was the best way to stay in contact with relatives in Korea! Kakao also has its own line of characters and some stores have a Ryan Cafe (named after its most loved character). They have adorable desserts such as macarons in the shape of character’s faces and cupcakes with character’s faces! I ordered macarons and a mango drink.

Apeach (left) and Ryan (right) macaron