I live for cute desserts, and every time I head down to NYC I make sure to have a list of new dessert places to visit. This is my second post about instagrammable desserts in NYC, be sure to check out the first one for more desserts!

1. Bar Pa Tea
Bar Pa Tea was on my list of places to go for a while! I think I first saw a video on Facebook but I was stuck in Ithaca because of school. I finally got the chance to go and during my trip to NYC, I ended up going there twice! The soft serve ice cream is amazing. I got the swirl of oolong and black tea with bubbles and a mini stroopwafel. The stroopwafel and bubbles aren’t a must but definitely make the dessert instagrammable.

2. Kay’s Boutique
Kay’s Boutique was a pop-up cafe in Soho so unfortunately it is gone now! It originates in Bangkok and opened a temporarily from May-June. The interior and exterior were super cute! They had a pretty bike outside, a perfect place to take photos. I ordered the matcha french toast and they put it in a cute sleek black box.

3. Dessert Kitchen
The Dessert Kitchen has soft serve with a cute edible floral decoration. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the interior and it seemed a little janky. However, their soft serve was pretty good! I got a swirl of lavender and vanilla, the vanilla was nothing special but the lavender soft serve and the cone tasted really good! I may not go again but it came out as a cute photo!

4. The Little One
The Little One is a cute dessert spot in Chinatown that has kakigori, a Japanese shaved ice dessert. They have a pretty cool interior, with a wall of wooden spoons that have “The Little One” engraved.

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What are some of your favorite dessert spots in NYC?