“The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something.” – Gene Simmons







This post features IASO, a Korean cosmetics brand. K-beauty products are all the rage nowadays (go Korea!)

This BB Cream conceals imperfections but does not have the effect of wearing a lot of makeup. It has a lightweight and natural feeling, is not heavy and is not too dry like other brands. It is a light concealer with a hint of color and also has UV protection! Some great features include UV Protection, anti-wrinkle, and soothing moisturizing. It definitely has the soft creamy texture that is listed in the description.

Definitely consider IASO’s BB Cream if you are in the search, or even want to try a different one.

If you’d like to buy this product or any others from IASO, be sure to use the code: MAUVE at checkout and you will get a 15% discount!

IASO Website | IASO Twitter | IASO Instagram

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