“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” – Diane Mariechild

Happy March! I can’t believe February went by so quickly.

Leggings were a staple among high school students when I was in high school (so like last year). But I didn’t wear leggings on a daily basis and instead, I stuck with my tights and skirts.

That was until I received leggings from Comm-ci. Their leggings are super high quality and the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. I felt super flexible and comfortable. They also kept me pretty warm in the Ithaca weather. Wearing them made me feel like I could do anything in my leggings (and I even wore them to my bowling PE class). Comm-ci is also great because they are a group of women who make leggings for other women (check out the inspirational quote at the beginning – go women empowerment!).

What’s great about leggings is that you can style them with anything! You can go for a casual look, workout look, chic look, or even a classy look. I will definitely be wearing them often, whether it is under a skirt or to the gym.

You can share in the legging experience with me and get 20% off using this code:NarheeKim20

Coat: Moncler | Sweater: American Eagle | Skirt: Hollister | Leggings: c/o Comm-ci Fashion | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Longchamp

Love always,


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