Hi Everyone!

I love visiting gardens throughout the different peak flowering seasons – April/May for Cherry Blossoms, June for Roses, and now August for sunflowers! I recently went to a sunflower farm in Pleasant Valley, New York since they had a “Cut Your Own Sunflowers” Event. It was amazing to see all the sunflowers all lined up for rows and rows.

If you visit, be careful of all the bees! As long as you don’t disturb them, they won’t come after you. There were a lot of bees – usually multiple per flower when we visited. 

Bee on Sunflower

These sunflowers were so big that they were quite possibly bigger than the size of my head! Each sunflower was a lot heavier than I had imagined as well. Definitely would be a workout if you planned on bringing home a full bucket of them!

Thank you to Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils for letting us visit!

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