“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose” – Robert Byrne

This summer has been quite productive, I am currently doing an internship in NYC and I’m loving the city life! I’m also attempting to learn more over the summer by studying up on Marketing. But time flies by, it’s already been a full month of summer and only one more left until college starts up again!


Today I am featuring this light denim jacket that I got from my aunt who lives in Korea~
I love all the details of this jacket: the ruffles and buttons. I especially love the button detail on both sides and how contrasted they are from the jacket. Kind of reminds me of the double breasted coat styles. I styled the jacket with a white top to match the lightness and black jeans for contrast.

Jacket: Korea | Shirt: abercrombie | Jeans: American Eagle

Love always,

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