There’s nothing more exciting than planning a party! During the cooler days of the summer, my favorite type of event is a garden party. I’m bringing you a post on how I would plan and dress up for a fabulous garden party event.

With the theme and guest list in mind, I’m eager to start on the invitations. While you have the option to go the traditional way of hand writing your invitations and mailing them out to home addresses, I choose to go the digital route and use Paperless Post, which allows me to customize and personalize the invitation and even the envelope! It’s super convenient and saves a lot of time if you’re the type of person who loves to customize or worries about penmanship! It’s also all the rage on college campuses as an easy, yet classy way of pubbing events (beats the classic Facebook event for sure).

For this event, I’m choosing an invitation but Paperless Post has you covered for whatever occasion you need to send a card, including Thank You cards.

paperless post

paperless post invite

Using Paperless Post is super easy and very intuitive. It also has great customization options, beyond what has already been mentioned. I decided to go with the floral liner that matches the invitation card and a purple lined envelope that matches the stem color. You can customize to the very last detail!

Once I send the invitation out, I now wait for people to open their emails and digitally RSVP. You can easily check who is coming and keep all that information in one place.

While the invitations are out, it’s time to plan the rest of the details, the most important being: the outfit. As you may know, I love floral and a garden party is a perfect occasion and excuse to flaunt the print! (Totally unplanned but my invitations and dress match)

Here is a lovely A-line button down dress that gives you a flounce in your step. It is perfect for the occasion!

Thank you Paperless Post for partnering with me for this post! All opinions are mine

Love always,