“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.” – Rosa Parks





I hope you guys are all keeping warm. With the wind chill in NY, I decided to fashion this jacket. Somewhere between middle school and high school I ditched this coat and went for a peacoat in search of a coat that is more “fashionable” (it was only a short walk from the parking lot to the school) but looking at this coat now (somehow I didn’t grow out of it), it’s plenty fashionable, and can look even better depending on what you wear underneath!

I’m also loving these Prada sunglasses! So fashionable and I think it fits my face.
On a side note, you can have this pair and other great ones just for $24 a month for unlimited designer sunglasses and even better you can use the code: MADEINMAUVE to get a free month! I highly recommend it for you out there who love sunglasses just like me but don’t have the unlimited budget for a bunch of designer sunglasses

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last question about friendship. I’m starting a project in health about stress and so today I pose the question: How do you manage your stress and what techniques seem to work for you?

Coat: abercrombie | Top: American Eagle | Shorts: Korea
Boots: Clarks | Sunglasses: Prada available @ DITTO

Thanks for reading!


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