Hi guys!

I don’t have many posts about my life at Cornell but I want to share the most exciting moments with you. And so I present to you: The Cornell Fashion Collective! The Cornell Fashion Collective is an amazing student organization that I joined my freshman year. It “provides members of the Cornell community with an outlet to express creativity in fashion and fashion management.”—we have an annual runway show that is completely student produced, from the designs to the management.

This year I was the VP of Strategic Planning and Operations! It has been a whirlwind adventure with rebranding and restructuring the club to maximize its potential and visibility on campus. Throughout the year we had events such as ASOS and a flash fashion show.

Our show was on Saturday, March 10th—and this year, for the first time ever, we had a sold-out show! This was the most exciting part and I am so proud of the rest of the executive board for their hard work.

pc: Mark Vorreuter

Here are some of my favorite designs from the night!

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The most amazing part of the night was how many of my friends came to support me 🙂 I am always so grateful for this wonderful group of people. I am always so encouraged by them and so thankful for how many of them support me in everything I do! (even this blog 🙂 )

Dress: Alice & Olivia

Check us out at cornellfashioncollective.com
Fun Fact: I revamped the website!