Hi guys! It’s already been a week of school for me and I am tired! While it’s great to be back, it has been a lot to keep up with classes, meetings, and social events.

In this outfit, I decided to go for a casual look. Baseball caps are all the rage so I couldn’t help but rep my school. They are especially helpful around campus because we don’t have that much shade.

This tee is great because it’s casual and comfortable, but still has that fun flair with the tassel. Tassels and mock neck choker tops have been a big trend lately.

I paired this outfit with a gray clutch to contrast with the black top, but not be too overwhelming because the hat is already a source of color.

This cute clutch is actually a gift my friend made for me on my birthday! She’s super talented and has been making amazing purses over the summer. Check out The Narhee, named after me! She’s also on Instagram

Top: Korea | Hat: The Cornell Store | Purse: Purseuit of Happniess

Love always,