Sometimes we just have to let things go.”

Holding onto things can be extremely exhausting whether it be standards or feelings. Sometimes, you just want to let go of everything and be easy breezy. Well doing so may not be the best for your work or goals, but you can definitely dress the part.



Today, N wears a brilliant orange-red chiffon top with standard jean shorts paired with her pom-pom flip flops and matching red bow. What’s special about this seemingly ordinary outfit is the way the top drapes in the back to create a light, breezy effect.

As always, here’s the profile of the back:


The back-slashed tank is a good investment as the same cut-out tank appears in this outfit to create yet another stunning look. The tank top works well with a top of any variation of the currently trendy cut-out back.

The two draping chiffon layers is a nice twist to the typical trending chiffon tops. Overall, this is a nice breezy outfit to wear on a casual day basis.

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Au revoir,
M ♡