A Cup of Green Tea

Another unbearably hot day here today. Thank goodness for modern conveniences (air-conditioning). I mean, how else are you gonna get your best shopping done? After all, the intensity of the sun coupled with the tension in the skies is literally a hair disaster (and thunderstorm) in the making. Luckily, we managed to avoid the heavy rain forecast and soak in all the cool air.


N is very nature inspired today with her vibrant green tank and jean shorts. Her blue-green color palette helps her stay cool while her polka-dotted headband adds a bit of neutral fun. Her overall outfit is very casual yet cute and perfect for a hot summer day.

What colors do you wear on an especially hot summer day? Let us know in the comments!

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A Ray of Sunshine

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows” – Hellen Keller

Everyone wants a ray of sunshine in his or her life. So why not dress like one?


Today, N wears a sunny striped top paired with dark patterned shorts. She, of course, also wears her classic polka-dotted bow, but she doesn’t stop there. The bow motif continues in the adorable bows on her bright green thong sandals.

All in all, the outfit is cute, but quite ordinary; at least when looking at the front. However, when N turns around…

Here’s the close up of the back:

The back is exquisite. The back cut-out of the yellow top overlaying the intricate design of the tank creates a stunning visual effect: eye candy. It’s so amazing that you can’t help but look.

What do you think about the back of the outfit? Let us know in the comments!
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Mauve Mondays: Wedding Themed

M here. So every Monday here at Made in Mauve, I decided to compile and feature interesting bits and pieces of the internet. Today features a wedding themed links.

Well that’s it for now


A Breath of Fresh Mint

Cool. Calm. Collected. The 3 C’s to being Classy not Klassy (yes I’m talking to you Kardashian). It’s all about the attitude and the style, which brings us to today’s color.

Mint is by no means a new, cutting edge trend created this year. Yet why is mint so ubiquitous? It’s because it is a fresh color that compliments many skin tones while evoking a sense of coolness and peacefulness. N was caught wearing an adorably mint outfit outside today.



N is wearing a flowy layered mint top with a white peter pan collar, a nice twist to the mint and collar trends. Her white shorts and wedges help empasize the bright, fresh mint of her top. She wears a polka-dotted white bow – again neutral colors – with cool, white shades to give that air of confidence.

How have you tried the mint trend? Let us know in the comments!

J’adore you all ♡

Afternoon Glow

There’s something very lethargic yet majestic about the afternoon. It’s a little grander than morning, but less energetic than night. With the sun overhead, it’s the perfect time to relax or take an afternoon nap. N was caught on her way wearing a cute girly outfit, perfect for running errands.



N’s outfit with her cute lace ruffle top and printed white pants screams girly while the sunglasses add a touch of class. As always, her pale blue bow complements the pale blue print on her pants. Besides her extraordinarily cute outfit, the way the afternoon sun perfectly highlights the lace detailing is striking though that shouldn’t be surprising. After all, natural lighting is the way to go.


Georgetown cupcakes are the perfect afternoon dessert. Adorably created, these cupcakes taste as good as they look.

What do you like to do? Leave a comment about your favorite afternoon activity

Bon Appétit

Sunny with a Chance of Bows

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.”

Sunny summer days – the perfect ones: not too hot or too cold – make the heart sing. With the lush green grass and the singing notes of birds, it’s not surprising to see people out and about, enjoying the outdoors. N was spotted enjoying the outdoors wearing a cute outfit as always.


N was spotted wearing her trademark bow in a fun, different way. Instead of sticking solely to her classic hair bow, she wears a cute navy shirt held together by 3 bows over a starry tank top. Her cute printed white shorts complement the shirt perfectly with a hint of pale blue. Her adorable pom-pom flip flops are to die for.

Au revoir

Sea of Blues and Greens

“You always look so cool” – The Great Gatsby

Staying cool can be challenging in the hot, sweltering days of July. When it’s hot as this, it’s even more important to appear so effortless and chic as Daisy in The Great Gatsby. Not surprisingly, N was spotted (amidst the blasting air conditioning) sporting a breezy look.



N wears a dark blue tank with adorably mint shorts, topping it off with an adorable pastel hair bow. Its an easy breezy outfit with elements that are easily swappable.

How do you stay cool in the summer? Let us know in the comments.

Stay cool